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Please Review Pups We Are Not Able To Groom Due To Safety Reasons.

  • Any pup over 80lbs

  • Recently Spayed/Neutered Pups (even if vet clears it) We like to wait atleast 1 month after the checkup visit or stitches dissolve. Usually about 6 weeks after surgery date. 

  • Any pup recovering from any other surgeries/wounds

  • Any pup that has been turned away by previous groomers due to aggressive behavior (as much as we would love to help, some pups may need a vet groomer) 



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How long does grooming take?

You can expect grooming to take around 3 to 4 hours depending on other pups scheduled in the same shift. If you drop off at the 7am, 7:30am, or 8am time slots. Plan for your pup to be ready for pickup around 11am. If you drop off at the 11:30am, noon, or 12:30pm time slots. Plan for your pup to be ready for pickup around 3pm.

Our Process

 1. Shave off any mats with the longest blade that can get through (it is dangerous to bathe and fluff up mats as they can become tighter and more dangerous to remove).

​2. We bathe your pup with our aloe prewash using the BatherBox massaging system, a second scrub with our own specially mixed Ruff Go To Fresh Blend shampoo for scent, scrub face area with a blueberry facial scrub, express glands, and check ears for hair plucking. Choose a deluxe scrub (deluxe shampoo + matching conditioner + matching spray) for an additional $5.

​3. We then Hand Dry your pooch with our force dryer (oversized hairdryer made specifically for dog grooming). The dryer does all the de-shedding and forces off any excess under hair. this is the process most beneficial to double coated dogs as it blows out their coat and gets rid of any shedding hair.

​4. Your Pooch will then go into a kennel with a cool fan (we don't use heated dryers) to get rid of any moisture left in the coat.

​5. If you requested just a bath, we then would do your pups nails, ear cleaning, and any add ons. If you requested a full haircut, we would do the haircut process along with finishing touches.

​6. A bow or bandana tops your pup off and is ready for pickup!

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