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Meet Us And Our Companions

My Name is Shelby and I have been grooming for 10 years and have owned my shop for over 8. it has become a passion of mine as we continue to grow. We have 2 very hairy huskies :P and our family of two humans became 3! At Ruff we get to know our clients and welcome you into the Ruff Family!

After working at Diva Dog, located in Waconia, for years, my trainer taught me the purpose of dog grooming. After she decided to retire, she asked if I would like to take over her clients. And so it became RUFF CUTS! Here we carried on the purpose of providing great services at an affordable price for all! WE ARE ALL INCLUSIVE! Included in any bath or full cut: ear cleaning, blowout, brush out, nail trim or grind, anal gland check, and always a bow or bandana as a final touch. (7/7/22)

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